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Python Program To Find the Factorial Number

Here in this tutorial, we will tell you how to find the fictorial of a number. Through this Python example, you will get complete knowledge of this Python program.

The factorial of a number is basically the multiplication of all the integers starting from 1 to that number.

For example: 
The factorial of 5 (5!) is 5*4*3*2*1 = 120

Note: The factorial of negative numbers are not defined and the factorial of 0 (0!) is 1.

Python Code

# Python program to find the factorial of a number provided by the user. # change the value for a different result num = 8 # uncomment to take input from the user #num = int(input("Enter a number: ")) factorial = 1 # check if the number is negative, positive or zero if num < 0: print("Sorry, factorial does not exist for negative numbers") elif num == 0: print("The factorial of 0 is 1") else: for i in range(1,num + 1): factorial = factorial*i print("The factorial of",num,"is",factorial)


The factorial of 8 is 40320

Note: If you want to test this program, change the values and run it. Also, you can try negative numbers in this program.

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