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Course Details

  • ML - Rs 6000/-*
  • Python - Rs 2000/-*
  • Time Span - 30/45/60 Days
  • New Batches - Starts on 1st & 15th April 2019
  • *For College Students only.
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  • Institute Timings:
  • Open: 8:30 A.M.
    Close: 7:00 P.M.
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Don't Worry about the instructors, as they has in-depth knowledge and has vast development experience in IT sector also. Moreover, they have 20 years of coding experience in Software Industry.

Are you thinking about the benefits of the Internship?

After getting the thorough knowledge of Machine learning, you will be able to know all the concepts that How to automate the gadgets? Also, you can easily execute the program by using python machine learning libraries and code algorithms.

After completing the course, students can handle various task related programming of the machine with large data sets and can feed the future vision,trends and forcasting algorthims in devices means AI.

After completing the course successfully, you will get the certificate from our side.

Our Placement partners and associates help interns to perform better interview and catch the good JOB in IT Companies with handsome packages.

Nowadays, Python and Machine Learning is on boom so as per the scenario we can say that in next few years there will be a high demand of Machine Learning skilled professional and AI developers.

IT companies are offering ML and AI technicals very attractive packages. All Colleges and Universities also starts academic programs for Machine Learning Certifications.

As well as, there is a huge opportunities in Research and Analytics sector of Home Appliances and Gadgets.

You will enjoy power-packed classroom sessions that includes practical implementation of codes, live videos, assignments and real-time projects with multiple ML tools. Interns will enjoy practical session instead of theoritical classes.

After completion of the intenrship, you will get the certificate from our side and then you can grab the jobs quickly.

Path of Learning

Here you will easily acquire the knowledge that how to extract the data and division of extracted data. One part of the data is used to educate the machine and the other one is used for testing.

So, we can say that, during internship you will gain the knowledge that how to teach a machine according to a specified model and test it for accurate result through multiple regression techniques.

Moreover it includes, deep Learning , NLP, NLTK, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow and so on.

During internship you will get a chance to work on following projects..

  • Online Messaging System
  • Inteligant Answering Gadgets
  • Face Identificarion
  • Server Interaction


Lets make Machine

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